Dhay Al Rafidain honor to provide their general work and abilities in order to indicate the company and to show the accurately dealing and honestly in the present and the future to express our confidence and secretariat of the consist to draw a picture of what the projects that has its completion and capabilities own by the company and would like to serve your in all field. We have a desire to provide the best performance for build a new Iraq at this important stage..

Dhay Al Rafidain Company for General Contracting & Trade was established in 2009 and registered by a group of contractors and engineers who are specialized and highly experienced in construction and building. The company enjoys an excellent reputation having completed large projects according to international standards, requirements, specifications and conditions.

Our Company starts its activities with small projects with small cadres and then obtained experience in construction which enables it to compete and win big and vital projects which represent a U-turn in the company history that is because they are very important and vital for the local citizens of the region in south of Iraq. Now, the company has the ability to execute several projects together in accordance with the international standards.

The company have a new vision of the Iraqi future and we are qualified to work toward that future with experienced and talented personnel who can carry out a wide range of duties. We plan to be a part of Iraq’s bold future. Our Company holds a remarkable standing among the great contracting companies in the south of Iraq due to our high obligation to engineering standards and rules. Not only do we hire the most experienced engineers, technicians, administrators and skilled workers, but also we execute our projects in a timely manner.